Access 2 Archives
The A2A database contains catalogues describing archives held locally in England and Wales and dating from the eighth century to the present day.

Ancient Monuments Society: The Ancient Monuments Society was founded in 1924 for the study and conservation of ancient monuments, historic buildings and fine old craftsmanship

Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers UK
The Association provides a forum representing archaeologists working for local authorities and national parks throughout the UK. Its members are senior professional archaeologists employed by local authorities to provide advice on archaeological conservation and management.

Archaeology Data Service
The Archaeology Data Service (ADS) supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital resources. It does this by preserving digital data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating a broad range of data in archaeology.

Publisher of B.A.R. - British Archaeological Reports and other archaeological books.

Archaeological Investigations Project (Bournemouth University)
The project involves AIP researchers visiting the offices of archaeological curators, contractors and consultants, primarily to access archive copies of 'grey literature reports', i.e. desk-based assessments, field evaluations, post-planning determination projects, research projects, building surveys, estate management surveys and geophysical investigations. the AIP attempts to visit every HER in the country as well as all archaeological units/trusts.

BIAB Online: the British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography
BIAB exists to help you find out about archaeology via the published sources. The BIAB Online database contains datasets covering publications from AD 1695 to the present day on archaeology and the historic environment, historic buildings, maritime and industrial archaeology, environmental history, and the conservation of material culture - with a geographical focus on Britain and Ireland.

Bibliography of Cornish Medieval Drama
This bibliography lists the major printed sources of published material dealing with Cornish medieval drama and includes links to the manuscripts of three full-length Cornish medieval plays. Prepared by Sydney Higgins.

British Archaeological Jobs Resource: UK Archaeology Portal
Gateway to Archaeology - Jobs, Advice, Books & Guides and Resources

Cambridge University Collection of Air Photos (CUCAP): online catalogue
The Cambridge University Collection of Aerial Photographs is the result of annual airborne survey campaigns conducted by the University since 1947. Some 500,000 images from the Collection are available.

Climate Change and Your Home
This English Heritage website aims to help owners of traditionally constructed houses understand the potential impacts of climate change on their properties and how simple building maintenance can help to lessen the effects of increasingly extreme weather. The site also provides detailed advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of traditionally constructed houses whilst preserving their special character.  A section is included on micro-generation which details how technologies such as micro-wind generation and solar thermal energy can successfully be incorporated into older buildings.

Cornwall Archaeological Society
Formed in 1961 - it grew out of the West Cornwall Field Club, itself founded in 1935 by a group of enthusiasts who were studying the archaeology of West Cornwall.  Currently the society has nearly 600 members and organises activities covering all aspects of the discipline; walks, talks and other activities.

Cornwall Industrial Settlements Initiative
Historical and archaeological assessments of 51 villages, ports and towns associated with Cornwall’s 19th century industrial revolution, based on metalliferous mining, slate and granite quarrying, and china clay extraction.

Council for British Archaeology
The CBA is an educational charity working throughout the UK to involve people in archaeology and to promote the appreciation and care of the historic environment for the benefit of present and future generations

Cornwall Historic Collections
Part of the Environment and Heritage Service, Cornwall County Council, Historic Collections maintains the County Council's own and deposited archives. Deals with the creation of records, their management, preservation, arrangement, cataloguing and the provision of information to the public. Includes a link to the County Record Office's online catalogue.

Cornwall Historic Environment service
Part of the Environment and Heritage Service, Cornwall Council, the Historic Environment service's aim is to identify, record, protect, conserve, present and interpret the historic environment and heritage of Cornwall and Isles of Scilly. The Historic Environment is all the physical evidence for past human activity, as well as its associations that we can see, understand and feel today.

Cornwall and Scilly Urban Survey
The Cornwall & Scilly Urban Survey is providing a framework for sustainable regeneration in 19 historic towns. The project integrates two key factors - improved understanding and characterisation of the rich and diverse historic environment which makes Cornwall and Scilly’s towns so distinctive and the identification of heritage-led regeneration opportunities so vital to the region’s future.

Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Society
The Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Society was formed in 2004 in order to promote maritime archaeology in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The society currently has over 80 members, about 75% of which are divers.

Current Archaeology
Website of Current Archaeology, Britain’s leading archaeological magazine. Or rather, two magazines, for Current Archaeology, which deals with British archaeology, has now been joined by Current World Archaeology. Here you can explore both magazines, and the articles they contain.

English Heritage
English Heritage is the Government's statutory adviser on the historic environment protecting and promoting England's spectacular historic environment and ensuring that its past is researched and understood.

Flying Past is the culmination of a twelve year project mapping archaeological and historical sites visible on aerial photos in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. The mapping team studied more than 50,000 aerial photos taken between 1926 and 2005. The project was commissioned and paid for by English Heritage and the mapping was carried out by the Historic Environment Service of Cornwall County Council.

GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genealogy
Large collection of genealogical information pages for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

The Georgian Group: The Georgian Group campaigns against the neglect, maltreatment and destruction of Georgian buildings, parks and gardens in England and Wales. It also seeks to promote the enjoyment and understanding of the Georgian heritage by an active programme of education and publications.

Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System
The Great Britain Historical Geographical Information System is a unique digital collection of information about Britain's localities as they have changed over time. Information comes from census reports, historical gazetteers, travellers' tales and historic maps, assembled into a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts. This site tells you more about the project itself and about historical GIS.

Heritage Gateway
English Heritage is working in collaboration with ALGAO and IHBC in a five year project to build a Heritage Gateway to England's local and national historic environment records. A key objective is to develop the flexibility to provide integrated access to local and national heritage information resources as part of the programme of reforms proposed by Government 'Heritage Protection for the 21st Century'.

Historic Environment Local Management (HELM)
Established in 2004, HELM is a partnership project led by English Heritage. The aim of the project is to share best practice and build capacity and confidence in those dealing with the historic environment. HELM provides and funds written information and training in a number of ways.

Historic Environment Information Resources Network (HEIRNET)
HEIRNET aims to develop a strategic vision for UK information systems relating to the historic environment which enables access, is geared to the requirements of users and emphasises public benefit. HEIRNET does this by reviewing developments in information systems, sharing information on initiatives and encouraging cooperative approaches to information strategy in the context of appropriate data and technical standards.

Institute for Archaeologists (IFA)
The Institute for Archaeologists is the professional organisation for all archaeologists and others involved in protecting and understanding the historic environment. It promotes professional standards and ethics for conserving, managing, understanding and promoting enjoyment of heritage.

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC)
The IHBC is the professional institute which represents conservation professionals in the public and private sectors in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The first web-based interactive map to bring together geographic information on key environmental schemes and designations in one place.

National Trust
The National Trust works to preserve and protect the coastline, countryside and buildings of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It protects and opens to the public over 300 historic houses and gardens and 49 industrial monuments and mills. It also looks after forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, downs, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, castles, nature reserves and villages.

The National Monuments Record
The NMR is the public archive of English Heritage. The archive holds over 10 million historic photographs, architectural and archaeological reports, plans and other items related to the historic environment of the whole of England.

OASIS: Online AccesS to the Index of archaeological investigationS
The overall aim of the OASIS project is to provide an online index to the mass of archaeological grey literature that has been produced as a result of the advent of large-scale developer funded fieldwork. As part of this overall vision, the OASIS data capture form has been designed to help in the flow of information from data producers, such as contracting units, through to local and national data managers, such as SMRs and NMRs.

Portable Antiquities Scheme
The PAS is a voluntary scheme to record archaeological objects found by members of the public in England and Wales.

The Twentieth Century Society: The Twentieth Century Society exists to safeguard the heritage of architecture and design in Britain from 1914 onwards.

Royal Cornwall Museum
The RCM is the main repository for archaeology in Cornwall and the distinctive collections contain material from prehistoric to post-medieval periods.

Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB): The Society is the largest and oldest national pressure group fighting to save old buildings from decay, demolition and damage.

A Vision of Britain Through Time
A vision of Britain between 1801 and 2001. Including maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions.

Victoria County History
Founded in 1899 and originally dedicated to Queen Victoria, the VCH is an encyclopaedic record of England's places and people from earliest times to the present day.

The Victorian Society: The Victorian Society is the national society responsible for the study and protection of Victorian and Edwardian architecture and other arts.

World Heritage Site of the Cornwall and West Devon Mining Landscape
Find out about the remarkable advent and impact of deep hard rock mining in Cornwall and west Devon between 1750 - 1914 and discover more about the landscapes and sites of international significance.