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Situated on the south coast of Cornwall, Newlyn is one of the UK’s premier fishing harbours, landing approximately £18.1 million worth of fish in 2000. Regeneration proposals target the historic harbour and surrounding area, including upgrading existing harbour facilities, creation of a marina, development of substantial car park areas and the introduction of new tourism and leisure facilities.

The origins of Newlyn lie in what was, by at least the 13th century, a collection of three small settlements, Newlyn Town, Street an Nowan and Tolcarne. The first documentary reference to a quay dates from 1437 when Mount’s Bay had an established importance for fishing and trading.

The original harbour was small, and its enlargement and success during the 19th century acted as a catalyst for the growth of the town. The spectacular natural setting and picturesque quality of people and streetscapes made it popular with artists in the late 19th century, although ‘slum’ clearance in the 1930s removed some historic fabric and topography.

The downloads offered below represent the different elements of the CSUS Newlyn Report including the core text, seven illustrative figures and eight character area summaries.

 Title Description Format Size
CSUS Newlyn Report REPORT text detailing the results of the historic character study for the town of Newlyn. Stef Russell, Historic Environment Service. Format type: PDF


Figure 1 - Location & Topography Map Map showing the location of Newlyn and its immediate topography. Format type: PDF 2.8mb
Figure 2 - OS 2nd Edition 1:2500 Map Map showing the town of Newlyn in c.1907. Format type: PDF 978kb
Figure 3 - Historic Development Map Map showing the historic development and expansion of Newlyn. Format type: PDF 892kb
Figure 4 - Historic Settlement Topography Map Map showing the historic topography of Newlyn with key areas of historic activity. Format type: PDF 1.2mb
Figure 5a and 5b - Surviving Historic Components Map Maps showing the surviving historic buildings of Newlyn. 5aFormat type: PDF5bFormat type: PDF 1/1.6mb
Figure 6 - Urban Archaeological Potential Map Map showing the areas and sites of archaeological potential in Newlyn. Format type: PDF 974kb
Figure 7 - Character Areas Map Map showing the nine character areas identified by the survey of Newlyn. Format type: PDF 930kb
Character Area 1 This area forms a gateway to Newlyn. It provides an important link between Newlyn and Penzance and houses the Newlyn Art Gallery, an important visitor attraction. The grid of terraces is an impressive townscape element. Format type: PDF 560kb
Character Area 2 This is the most urban part of the settlement and follows the river along Newlyn Coombe towards the harbour. The buildings are largely high status and there is a high level of activity Format type: PDF 665kb
Character Area 3 A picturesque and highly distinctive area around an early focus of settlement along the shore and a main route from the south. There is good survival of historic buildings around a network of highly enclosed lanes and alleys. The area is also the focus for several large institutional and industrial buildings. Format type: PDF 739kb
Character Area 4 The economic and visual focus of Newlyn. Buildings on the quaysides are functional with few aesthetic qualities whilst activity in and around the harbour provides movement and interest. Vehicle access is limited and causes problems in adjacent character areas. Format type: PDF 700kb
Character Area 5 Ranks of raised late 19th century terraces are predominant in the area. Built to see and be seen, these structures dominate views into the settlement and provide equally spectacular views out over the harbour and Mount’s Bay. The long steep slope of Chywoone Hill provides access to outlying areas and links into other character areas. Format type: PDF 726kb
Character Area 6 An exceptional area of townscape comprising narrow, sinuous and steeply sloping streets, linked across the slope by pedestrian ways known as ‘gearns’. There is good survival of historic fabric providing a flavour of the Newlyn painted by the late 19th and early 20th century artists. Format type: PDF 516kb
Character Area 7 The site of the earliest phase of settlement in Newlyn, around an early landing place and the medieval quay. The buildings along Fore Street probably follow the plan form of the medieval development. Many have been adapted to incorporate oriel or dormer windows in order to maximise the spectacular views over the harbour and Mount’s Bay. Format type: PDF 533kb
Character Area 8 Formerly a tight grid of housing similar to that in the Orchard area, 20th century ‘slum clearance’ has left gap sites and made major alterations to plan form. The settlement has spread south towards Penlee quarry and incorporates some historic buildings of a more rural style and some late 19th and 20th century detached residences. Format type: PDF 563kb

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