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Caradon District Council
South-east Cornwall, 10 miles south-east of Launceston, 1 mile north of Callington on the A388
Main period of industrial settlement growth:
1870 – 1910
Study Area:
Tamar Valley
SX 36 71
Main industry:
Marketing and servicing for Mining and Quarries. Railhead.

Industrial history and significance

Kelly Bray’s industrial significance is that it shows a more complex sequence of industrial-related development than has traditionally been associated with the Cornish experience, and in particular emphasises the continuing strength of early 20th century industry in some parts of the County. Although by the 1870s a mining and railhead site, these activities plugged into an already established industrial and settlement pattern that did not demand much new development. Only after the older industries had decayed, and with re-investment and diversification into different activities, did the need to attract, house and service in effect a whole new industrial population create a sizeable settlement at Kelly Bray in the early 20th century.

Kelly Bray has retained its character as a village with industry at its heart. Any future development should seek to maintain the balance between domestic housing and light industry. The major road through the village, the A388, has over the years become increasing dominant and in its present form will frustrate any efforts to revitalise the centre of the village following the loss of the railway.

This settlement forms part of the proposed Cornwall & west Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site Bid, and is considered an important part of the context for the Bid.


The downloads offered below represent the different elements of the CISI Kelly Bray Report including the core text and the ten illustrative map figures
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