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Council: Caradon District Council
Location: South-east Cornwall, 3 miles north of Liskeard
Main period of industrial settlement growth:
Study Area: Minions Mining Area
SX 25830 69371 (centre)
Existing Conservation Area?:
Main industry: Tin mine and railway

Industrial history and significance

There was no settlement at Darite before the coming of the railway and the growing prosperity of the Caradon Hill mines. The village was originally named Railway Terrace after the railway which provided employment and influenced the plan of the settlement; three rows of houses parallel to the lines of the tracks. Wheal Agar, employing thirty workers, was situated within the village itself and over the other side of the valley lay South Caradon mine employing over 600 by the late 1860s, the major period of development within the village. The miners undoubtedly chose the village for its proximity to work, and less hostile environment than that experienced on the Moor above.

The housing types and Nonconformist Chapel are all typical of mid-nineteenth century mining developments.

Darite is significant in that it seems to have been created within an incredibly short time as a fully-fledged settlement perhaps just 10 years either side of 1860.


The downloads offered below represent the different elements of the CISI Darite Report including the core text and the four illustrative map figures
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CISI Darite report Report text. Format type: PDF


Figure 1 Location map Format type: PDF 506kb
Figure 2 Historical development map Format type: PDF 215kb
Figure 3 Surviving historical components map Format type: PDF 205kb
Figure 4 Gazetteer sites, existing designations and recommendations map Format type: PDF 471kb

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