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Caradon District Council
South-east Cornwall, south-west of Kit Hill, approximately 7 miles to the east of Liskeard, off the A390.
Main period of industrial settlement growth:
1820-1890; especially 1830-60
Study Area:
Tamar Valley
SX 35 69
Main industry:
Marketing, servicing, residential (for mining and quarrying)

Industrial history and significance

Callington’s industrial significance lies in the fact that it was a residential, marketing and service centre for the surrounding mining and quarrying industries. Its history shows how an ancient established market town was affected by changing economic fortunes in the mid 19th century boom period, as revealed by the physical layering of urban expansion and new building types within and over the medieval topography of the town. In contrast to other Cornish mining areas, the industrial population around Callington was largely housed in the town, at some distance from the mines themselves, rather than in villages attached to or in close proximity to the mines themselves.

Callington has a significant number of historic buildings and has relatively few intrusive twentieth century developments. The quality of the building stock is marred, however, by lack of maintenance and poor quality alterations to many of the town’s most significant buildings, and the demolition of historic fabric. The restoration and regeneration of the historic buildings in the centre of the town could have a profound effect on the way it is perceived, attracts visitors and encourages trade.

This settlement forms part of the proposed Cornwall & west Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site Bid, and is considered an important part of the context for the Bid.


The downloads offered below represent the different elements of the CISI Callington Report including the core text and the fourteen illustrative map figures
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CISI Callington report Report text. Format type: PDF


Figure 1 Location map Format type: PDF 1439kb
Figure 2 Historical development map Format type: PDF 492kb
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Figure 3 Surviving historical components map Format type: PDF 468kb
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Figure 4 Gazetteer sites, existing designations and recommendations map Format type: PDF 514kb
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