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Kerrier District Council
Main period of  industrial  settlement growth: 1850-1910
Study Area: Camborne/Redruth
NGR: SW 6539
Main industry: Mining

Industrial history and significance

Beaconís mining history is closely linked to that of Camborne, yet it has always retained its identity as a separate settlement.  The core of the village which, at the beginning of the study period, was already linked to small scale mining activity, underwent its first main period of expansion in the mid-19th century and its second with the re-opening of Great Condurrow Mine in the early 20th century.  Its significance lies in its location on the Great Flat Lode and its development pattern reflects the rhythm of mining expansion and decline in this area.

This settlement forms part of the proposed Cornwall & west Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site Bid, and is considered an important part of the context for the Bid.


The downloads offered below represent the different elements of the CISI Beacon Report including the core text and the four illustrative map figures.
 Title Description Format Size
CISI Beacon report Report text. Format type: PDF


Figure 1 Location map Format type: PDF 673kb
Figure 2 Historical development map Format type: PDF 317kb
Figure 3 Surviving historical components map Format type: PDF 312kb
Figure 4 Gazetteer sites, existing designations and recommendations map Format type: PDF 357kb

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