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Interactive Maps

The interactive maps provided here are based on GIS (Geographical Information System) software and data. Search the 'Historical' layer for the A2M  sites and monuments, which are presented as a layer of points of interest displayed against a series of scaleable Ordnance Survey base maps.

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The Ordnance Survey mapping included within this website is provided by Cornwall Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to make available Council held public domain information. It is protected by Crown Copyright and is not to be used for unauthorised purposes.

Public Rights of Way and Open Access Land layers are also displayed to help identify best and most appropriate way to access the site or monument. However this is NOT the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way and cannot be relied upon as such; it is provided for information purposes only.

Accessibility: Cornwall Council strives to meet the needs of computer users with visual impairment or other conditions that limit accessibility. Due to the graphic-intensive nature of this website, these maps of Cornwall cannot be presented in an accessible format. If you would like assistance with this please contact the Cornwall Council GIS team at gis@cornwall.gov.uk


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last updated: 15/05/2014