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Early Mediśval
Doniert Stone
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AD 410 to 1066
Doniert's Stone   Doniert Stone
The Doniert Stone, also known as King Doniertís Stone, is one of two ancient carved stones which stand together in an enclosure beside the road linking the A38 to Minions and Upton Cross, on the south-eastern side of Bodmin Moor. The two stones are parts of early mediæval crosses, perhaps of late 9th century date.

The earliest Cornish crosses, hard granite moorstones shaped and finely ornamented with interlace designs, date from the late 9th century and served both as memorials and as churchyard crosses.

The tradition continued to develop with changing styles and patterns through the mediæval period and continues down to our own day. It is suspected that some crosses and inscribed stones may have originated as standing stones in the prehistoric period.

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